Why developing apps for Windows Phone can be good for your career

A new video interview with Nick Landry of @Infragistics tells app developers why having an app in the Windows Phone store is good for the career.

Nick tells his audience that getting into Windows Phone app development is easy – you can jump right in he says. And you don’t have to become a full time Windows Phone app developer to find out what’s available – become a weekend warrior first, he advises.

The advice that Nick has for developers is that having a full portfolio, including apps in the Windows Phone store, is good for the career resumé. ‘If you don’t do it’, Nick says, ‘someone else will – so become one of the Windows Phone app pioneers and you can have a higher profile compared to other developers.’

Nick is enthusiastic about Microsoft’s Azure initiative for the cloud. ‘It makes it very easy to create an application that’s going to save stuff into the cloud and then retrieve it later and you can literally be up and running in less than 10 minutes building applications for Windows Phone using Windows Aziue mobile services.’

Is there going to be a market for Windows Phone apps that will justify spending time and money developing apps?

It’s easier for a developer to get noticed – there’s still a need for a lot of great apps for the Windows Phone store. And it’s a platform that’s growing as well, whereas the others are plateau-ing. It’s still an uphill battle but Windows Phone is growing. And we’re in it for the long run – it’s not just a sprint, it’s a marathon.’

Nick Landry is a Senior Product Manager for @Infragistics, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a leader in user interface development tools that enable developers to build applications across .NET platforms, the Web and mobile devices.

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8 thoughts on “Why developing apps for Windows Phone can be good for your career

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  2. Stephen

    Ummm… Hasn’t MS said that windows phone will be dead next year? Or at least they are dropping support for it? Kind of hard to see how that will be worth the time it takes to add that to my portfolio.

  3. richardmilton Post author

    Hi Stephen, I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but I suggest you start reading Windows Phone News more often. :-) Far from dropping support, Microsoft has recently extended support. Catalysis thinks Windows Phone will achieve market parity with iPhone by 2017 (others think sooner.) Interesting that in today’s figures Kantar say Windows Phone now has 8.6% of the UK market and 9% of the French market.


  4. Roman Jaquez

    Some people here might be getting their info from outdated sources; guys, keep up with the latest news – Windows Phone consolidated itself as the third mobile platform in the world and growing.

  5. Charles @ErrorTools

    This advice was almost prophetic in nature. Windows has made serious strides in the mobile sphere making any developer on that platform highly visible. With the appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO (who is transforming how Microsoft does business) and the acquisition of Nokia, developing apps for the Windows mobile platform still remains a great career move and business move.


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