Refocus app is available to Lumia users


Lumia smartphone users can now get Nokia’s Refocus—the app that lets users play with the focus after a picture has been taken.

Nokia Refocus lets you take a photo and later choose what you want in focus by clicking on the image. There is also a Color Pop feature which will not only refocus part of an image, but also highlight the colour of that particular area.

Nokia isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer that lets users play with what part of a photograph is in focus. New high-end devices such as LG’s G Pro 2, Samsung’s Galaxy S5, and the Xperia Z2 from Sony have similar features.

According to Nokia the  app works best when the main subject is close to the camera, and the effect becomes greater with more objects at different distances in the background.

Because Refocus captures several photos of the same scene, it takes a couple of seconds to finish a shot and users need to keep still for it to work. Nokia also recommends finding a stable spot such as a wall or a lamppost and then holding the smartphone tightly against it; users should hold their breath when they press the camera shutter button, it said.


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