Office lens for Windows Phone


As part of a series of OneNote announcements, Microsoft has launched Office Lens for Windows Phone, which gives you a portable scanner that sends everything you take a picture of directly to OneNote. You can download the new app now from the Windows Phone Store.

Using Office Lens you can capture pictures of whiteboards and share your meeting notes with co-workers, or make digital copies of your printed documents. The text will be automatically recognized (using OCR) so you can search and edit it. You can also take pictures of items like menus, shopping lists, or children’s sketches.

When you scan something with Office Lens, the app will make it more readable by trimming and enhancing the photo. Once your image is scanned into OneNote, it will sync across all your devices using OneDrive. If something you scanned has printed text, OneNote for Windows can use OCR to let you search for words, edit the text, or copy and paste it.

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