Microsoft pushes EMS


Microsoft’s has unveiled more about its Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). This package is aimed at companies and businesses who manage a number of devices in a network, such as IT professionals who manage installations.

EMS enables IT divisions and administrators to create a bring your own device (BYOD) environment. Windows Intune, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management will be packaged in the EMS. Microsoft Intune is set to support the next major upgrade to Windows Phone, 8.1.

Intune was demonstrated by Microsoft’s Julia White, showing how easy it is to migrate data across devices and manage everything in the cloud. Employees can access a company portal to view and install apps on the variety of devices, with store links to popular destinations.

Azure Active Directory is essentially Active Directory in the cloud. Comparing the service to social media like Facebook, it keeps everything workplace-related together with a single login. Azure Rights Management also helps companies better protect secure data, build on BYOD solutions and perform other important tasks.

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